WELCOME! Here you will find the musical and visual art of Gregory L. Hammel operating as Anonymous Inventions.

LATEST ALBUM RELEASE - "LAC QUI PARLE" - "Lac Qui Parle" is Anonymous Inventions' third album release. The name of the album "Lac Qui Parle" means "lake that speaks". The album title, as well as some of the music on it, was inspired by the beauty (harsh and mild) of the lakes of Minnesota, especially Lake Zumbro near Rochester, where the composer has frequently sojourned. The music is all original fusion and, as with the first two albums, it contains much musical diversity. It ranges from the big band swing groove of "Swing Set" to "Still Waters" (for piano and EWI) which utilizes one of the composer Olivier Messiaen's harmonic and melodic techniques. The compositional format for the improvisational "Inhale-Exhale" is the simple alternation between two opposing scales/tonal centers with each instrument of the quartet improvising a response to the others within this very general format. Spontaneous, therefore, not many takes. In contrast to this there is "The Lake House" which is mostly notated and, therefore, mostly not improvised. "Scratchin' " is just for funk. Finally, the EWI (electronic wind instrument) has been introduced to the previous sound palette of acoustic drums, electric bass, traditional keyboards and synthesized sounds. The EWI is prominent in Spacetime, Still Waters and Nocturne II. All compositions by Gregory L. Hammel. Keyboards and EWI: glh. Drums & percussion: GaGa. Bass: Wenge Bubinga. Recorded at Repeat As Needed Studios, FL. Recorded, mixed and mastered by P. Heaver. Front cover photo of Lake Zumbro in Minnesota by glh.

The musical works represent many different musical genres often fused together: straight-ahead jazz, classical, blues, Medieval, rock, 20th century contemporary etc. The visual images are mostly oil paintings and influences include Early Netherlandish painting, surrealism, nuits (candlelight), impressionism, and expressionism. Music and art are unceasing sources of interest. There is always something new to explore and learn. Ai's music and art expresses some of those explorations and reflects artistic responses to many of life's experiences.

"Wanting to know an author because you like his work is like wanting to know a duck because you like paté." Margaret Atwood. Anonymous Inventions is of the opinion that music and art are fundamentally independent of the author. You either like the work, or you don't, no matter who made it. Look and listen to see if you like it. Ai hopes you do!

Special thanks to Guy and Caleb for their efforts and input.